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Change the World. Make $$$.

The Social Entrepreneur is the world’s leading online training for people who want to build and grow companies that make the world a better place.

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An Online Course for Entrepreneurs (and Aspiring Entrepreneurs) Who Want To Make The World Better.

Action-Based Training

Light on theory, heavy on action: each Execution Module contains action items to apply to your business, right away.


Track Your Progress

Each Execution Module contains Action Items that you check off as you go, tracking your progress.

Proceed At Your Own Pace

Move through the Execution Modules at your own pace, as time and energy allows.

Comprehensive Content

The Social Entrepreneur contains modules to help you at every stage of your business, from idea to scale!

Easy to Follow

Effective, proven principles that are easy to follow and apply to your business/idea right away.

A Proven Track Record

All content has been developed by Mike Brcic, one of Toronto’s leading entrepreneurs and social enterprise consultants – with a track record of success.

Changing the world just got a whole lot easier.

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Action-Based Training To Help You Build a World Class, Worldchanging Business

The Social Entrepreneur is light on fluff and theory, and heavy on actionable learning. Each module contains dozens of Action Items that you can apply to your own business, right away!

Have an Idea for a Business?

Start with the ‘Building a Business Model’ Execution Modules, and turn your idea into a full-fledged business model that you can then test and validate using the ‘Validation and Testing’ modules!

Is Your Idea Viable?

Start with the ‘Validate Your Business Model’ section, where you’ll learn how to inexpensively test and validate your business model to ensure it’s viable and ready for prime-time!

Ready For Launch?

if you’ve got a good business model or plan, start with the ‘Launch Your Business’ modules, where you’ll get dozens of tips on how to create a stunning website, how to set up an online store and accept payment, and much more!

 Already launched but struggling?

Check out the ‘Scale Your Business’ modules, where you’ll learn all about ninja marketing and sales, including effective marketing techniques you can launch on a shoestring!

Training For Whatever Stage You’re At

The Social Entrepreneur has Execution Modules for you, regardless of whether you’re at the idea stage or already launched!

The 16 Execution Modules are divided up into 4 different sections, for different stages of business:

Develop Your Business Model

  • Supercharge Your Productivity
  • Your Business Roadmap
  • Social Enterprise Models
  • The Impact Canvas

Validate Your Business Model

  • Validating Your Business Model
  • Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Testing Your Business Model
  • Raising $$$

Launch Your Business

  • Boring But Crucial Stuff
  • Business Financials Demystified
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Getting Ready to Sell (website, e-commerce, etc.)

Scale Your Business

  • Guerilla Marketing Strategies (on a Shoestring)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising That Works
  • Setting Up Your Sales Funnels
  • Systems and Processes for Scale

Execution Modules


Action Items

Businesses Launched

Meet the Creator

Mike Brcic is one of Toronto’s leading social entrepreneurship consultants and mentors, with 19 years of experience as an award-winning entrepreneur with his adventure travel company Sacred Rides.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Theresa Laurico, founder, SociaLIGHT

“There have been times that I have been in tears, uncertain of my path, and through Mike’s guidance he has been a constant source of wisdom for me as I grow, create, innovate and fulfill my life’s passion and purpose.”

Suds Jagannathan, founder of

“I had the chance to learn from Mike’s immense practical experience and build on my own courage to continue dreaming.  Mike’s ability to keep our plans real, including critical aspects of prototyping, financing, project management and customer experience was priceless.”

Howard Swartz, founder of Carbon Savings

“Mike is responsible for transforming my basement project to its current status as a viable social enterprise. He’s helped me to develop and validate my business model, accelerate its launch, and has opened doors by providing me with valuable connections.”

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Everything you need to build, launch and/or grow a worldchanging business is right here in this course.

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Cancel within 30 days and get 100% of your money back

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 Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)


I don't have any entrepreneurship experience. Is this course right for me?

If you don’t have any entrepreneurship experience, you’re in good company! Well over half of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with had zero experience before they started working with me. Many of those entrepreneurs have going on to build and launch successful businesses. The Social Entrepreneur is designed for all levels of entrepreneurs, from total newbie to serial entrepreneur.

I don't have any technical experience. Is this course right for me?

If you can read, and if you can watch videos, then you can follow this course. It helps if you know how to use a spreadsheet, but isn’t 100% necessary.  

Does the learning apply to all businesses?

Yes… and no. Not everything in the course is applicable to every business and every industry, but the vast majority of the content is applicable to almost every business and industry. While there may be some content that isn’t applicable to your idea/business, you should find that a huge amount of the content is. Try it out for 30 days, and if you find that there isn’t enough in here for you, cancel and get your money back – and keep all of the included tools!

I'm not very good at staying motivated and am worried the content will take a long time to get through.

Then start right at the beginning, in the Supercharging Your Productivity module! There are all kinds of tips and tricks in there to help you get motivated, efficient and super-productive.

How do I know the content's any good?

You don’t. That’s why I’m offering a full money-back guarantee. Test the program for 30 days, and if you don’t like it you can get a full refund. That’s right, a full refund – you’ll get every dollar back, and get to keep any of the tools you’ve downloaded.

My business has been running for years and is quite stable. Is there enough content in the course for me?

Yes. The modules on marketing alone will give you tons of tips on how to market effectively, generate more leads, and convert more leads to sales. You’ll also get lots of information on how to implement systems and processes into your business to make managing your business less stressful and give you the room and potential for growth.

Do you know where I can find a good burrito?

Try Big Fat Burrito or the Latin food court in Kensington Market. Yum.


 Try It Risk-Free For 30 days.

All memberships come with a 30-day guarantee: try The Social Entrepreneur out for up to 30 days, and if it’s not for you, you can cancel and get 100% of your money back.

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  • Pay for a full year and save 45%
  • Cancel within 30 days and get a full refund
  • Access to private member success group on Facebook
  • Access to success tools

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  • 1-time charge – keep access forever!
  • Cancel within 30 days and get a full refund
  • Access to private member success group on Facebook
  • Access to success tools
  No-Questions-Asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you’ll get your money back – and keep access to any tools or resources you’ve downloaded!    
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