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Social Enterprise Musings

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7 Questions For An Amazing 2016

Every year at around this time, for the past 6 years, I have sat down to plan out my upcoming year. I’m not a believer in vague resolutions, but rather, I make a list of goals for the year.

I start by listing out all of the things I might want to work achieve in the coming year, and then I whittle that list of (typically) 15-20 goals down to about 5 or 6 of the most important goals I want to work toward. Then those become the things I work feverishly toward; my track record over the past half-decade or so has been pretty solid, usually around a 75% success rate (if my success rate comes in much higher I know I’ve set the bar too low, and any lower and I know I’ve probably been a bit unrealistic).

But before I actually start setting my goals for the year ahead, there’s one important step that helps me prepare for that process.

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Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Social entrepreneurship is blowing up – in a good way. Although ‘social entrepreneurship’ is a loosely-defined term, and reliable statistics are hard to come by, anecdotal evidence points to an explosion in the social enterprise sector. The organization I work for, the social-enterprise-focused coworking space Centre for Social Innovation, has experienced spectacular growth over the past few years, opening 3 new locations in Toronto and New York and adding hundreds of members. [FYI… become a member, this place is awesome]

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