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Getting Started With The Referral Program

When you first log in to the referral partner portal, you should see a screen that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 7.02.26 AM

This is your partner portal, where you can access resources to help you spread the word and keep track of your commissions.


Click on ‘My Commission Structure’ in the left-hand menu and you’ll be able to see the different commission levels for TSE (The Social Entrepreneur) products. ‘Level 1’ commissions are commission you generate on sales that happen after people in your network click on the links you share. ‘Level 2’ commissions are commissions you generate when people in your network sign up for the referral program and spread the word to their networks.

For example, if you share some TSE links on your Facebook page, and 5 of your friends end up signing for a monthly subscription, and 2 of them then sign up for the referral program and refer 5 of their friends to a monthly subscription, you’ll get:

  • 5 new subscribers * $10/month for the new subscriptions = $50 CAD/month
  • 2 referrers in your network * 5 referrals each * $2/month for Level 2 referral = $20 CAD/month

for a total of $70/month, for as long as any of the new subscribers are subscribed.


Resources are links, emails, and other tools you can use to help spread the word. We’ll be eventually developing banners that you can use for promotion, but for now you’ll have to content yourself with links and email templates.


Click on ‘Link Generator’ in the left-hand menu, under ‘Resources’:



This will bring up a list of links that you can share with your networks. You’ll want to share the links in the ‘My Tracking Link’ column, not the links in the ‘Website’ column (these links are just for you to preview the content you’ll be sharing.


Make sure you copy the entire URL – if you leave out the ‘/referral.php?p=____&w=____’ part of the URL then the system won’t track your sales.


Click on ‘Email Templates’ in the left-hand menu:


This will bring up a list of email templates, or sample emails, that you can send to your friends. Email has the highest conversion rate, so you should try sending a few emails to see how they work.

Your name should be displayed in the ‘Who is driving the traffic’ field. In the ‘Where are you driving traffic to’ dropdown, select the page that you want to share with your friends.

Make sure that the page in the ‘Where are you driving traffic to’ dropdown field corresponds to the page mentioned in the email that you are going to share, or somewhere in the world a puppy will die.


If you want to see each of these pages before you share them, go back to ‘Link generator’ and click on the links under the ‘Website’ column to preview the pages.

Ignore the ‘Which ad are you using to drive the traffic’ field, and then click ‘Generate Email’ next to the Email Template that you want to use. Copy the text, paste it into the body of your email, and presto, you’re off to the races!

NOTE: I’ve also included some sample Facebook and Twitter posts. You can use these as a starting point for your own posts and tweets, and feel free to edit them so they’re in your own voice.


Under ‘Reports’ is where you will find a few reports to show you the fruits of your labours:

My Ledger: a quick snapshot of commissions generated and payments received during a particular date range

Commissions Generated: detailed view of commissions generated during a particular date range

Link Tracking Stats: see how the various links and email templates you’ve shared are performing. This will give you a sense of which pages people are responding to best.

Products Sold: See which one-time products (lifetime TSE membership, monthly coaching, etc.) you’ve sold through your referrals

Subscription signups: See which subscription products (monthly and yearly TSE membership, etc.) you’ve sold through your referrals




If you have any questions about the Referral Partner program, please click on the Contact link and fire us a message.

Good luck, and thanks for your help in spreading the word!


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Mike Brcic, founder,

The Social Entrepreneur