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Sharing the 7-day ‘Change The World’ email course

Hey, thanks for helping share my free 7-day ‘Change the World’ email course, where I share a daily email for 7 days to help entrepreneurs like you change the world. I’d really love it if you could help me in my goal to get to 10,000 subscribers by year end!

The course signup page has a really high conversion rate, and over 20% of people who sign up for the free course end up signing up for the full course, so it’s a great way for you to earn commissions via your Partner Portal.

To share the 7-day course via your Partner Portal, follows these steps:

Log in to your Partner Portal

Get started by logging in to your partner portal.  (you do have your username and password saved, don’t you? If not, check your email – you should have an email in your inbox with ‘Welcome to Our Referral Partner Program’ in the subject line that contains your Partner Portal username and password.)

Sharing on Social Media

Sharing the course on social media is super-easy, and we’ve made it even easier for you by including some sample text below that you can use with your tracking link.

1. Click on ‘Link Generator’ in the left-hand menu.

Once you’re logged in, get started by clicking on ‘Link Generator’:



2. Copy the link

Find the ‘7-day Change the World Email Course’ link and copy it.



3. Share it via your favourite social sharing tool.

Now head over to your favourite social sharing network, such as Facebook or Twitter, and paste the link in your status update (if you like, you can head over to and shorten the URL – this will also hide the referral part of the URL, which may increase conversions).

You should also include additional text explaining where the link will take people. Here are some sample text you can copy and include with your link (paste this before the tracking link you just pasted).


Take this free 7-day ‘Change the World’ email course for #entrepreneurs and get a powerful email in your inbox every morning, packed full of tips and advice to help you start changing the world! [your tracking link]


Take this free 7-day email course for #entrepreneurs and start changing the world! [your tracking link]


You can also get great results by posting on Reddit. Here are a few sub-reddits that would be appropriate:

Sharing via email

Email typically gets the best results, as email reaches a much higher % of your friends. You can try sending an email to multiple people if you have a mailing list, or send personalized one-on-one emails (these often have the highest conversion rates).

1. Click on ‘Email Templates’

To access some email templates that you can use, click on ‘Email Templates’ in the left-hand menu of your Partner Portal:

2. Generate the email template:


3. Copy the email text.



4. Send the email!

Paste the email into your email client or newsletter software, choose your recipients, and send:


The tracking software will do all the rest!

Thanks again for your help – let’s change the world together by empowering worldchanging entrepreneurs!


Mike Brcic, founder,

The Social Entrepreneur

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